Install Debian on Macbook 5.1

The macbook 5.1  (the aluminium) is still running on OS X 10.6.8.
New upgrades from Apple are to big for the macbook. Now new software is asking for new OS X.  New Operating System could be an improvement.
Try to install Ubuntu, several times but install does not succeed well.
Some small Debian  .iso file can be burned on a CD. (My macbook cannot boot on USB any more, so I need a CD to install Debian)
Disk Utility on IMac burns .iso file to CD. Macbook must be connected to internet. (ethernet)
Start macbook with cd and hold alt key until cd starts moving.
Make notes of passwords, missing software, etc.
Debian wants root and user to be different and have different passwords. (Ubuntu is relaxed on that)
It takes some time  (half an hour or more) to install Debian. (some software is downloaded from Debian server).
While install is going on I do a search for software
1. what could replace nvAlt on Mac and Debian?
2. b43/ucode 16_mimo.fw is missing according to install process. How could I install that later on?
3. What browser does Debian come with.
4. email clients
5. Interesting wiki on debian.

This is a moment, install is now installing grub boot loader and finishing the installation. The cd is ejected and install wants me to quit macbook.
After boot some adjustments are done. “Loading please wait” (no signal of progress visible.  How long do we have to wait? Is Debian still running or is it dead? )

[ 1.8383831 i8042 No controller found
Loading, please wait….
/dev/sda2clean, 151006/9625600 files, 1596766/38483712 blocks

reboot (with power button) and choose recovery boot.( in grub)
last item before stop
[8.935835] ACPI Power Button [PWRF]

All solutions  do need command-line working. And that is the problem here.













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