Fedora lost root password, wachtwoord kwijt?


Als je het root wachtwoord kwijt bent is er een manier om toch me su en sudo te werken als root.

toets sudo -i in in de terminal.
geef je wachtwoord en type “passwd”.
Je word gevraagd om een nieuw root wachtwoord. (2x)
met exit  stop je deze terminal-sessie.

Root password lost?

Type sudo -i in command line terminal.
Give your user account password by which you logged in to the system.
Now type “passwd”.
It will ask you for new root password.
Type new root password and then retype it.
Now type exit. (exit will end the root session)

This is a workaround. Your root password is not really changed, login as root with startup is still impossible. But su and sudo is possible with this password.

Change password for root: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/25/html/Installation_Guide/sect-troubleshooting-problems-after-installation.html#sect-trouble-after-reset-root-password

Now do not forget to make a note of your root password. I do use KeepassX for passwords.  https://www.keepassx.org/.

Keepassx on usb stick

Install on the stick. do not copy it to the stick.
Download the https://www.keepassx.org/ latest version of KeepassX (2.0.3) right to the usb stick
and install it there.


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