Chinese Garden

About a performance on Lei Liangs Garden8 part di (earth)

Water and rocks are important elements of a Chinese Garden. That is why I included he rainmaker stick and the little stones (pebbles)  in the sounds of the Chinese Garden.

The small bell represents the surroundings of the garden, the borrowing scenery . The windows of the village hall in Rassaay open a view on the sea, and mountains, the weather and the outside world.

The pieces of Garden8 are named after important elements (tian, heaven; di, earth; dong, East;  Nan, South;  xi, West  bei, North.) Meaning the garden is the all.

In the program notes for Garden8 Lei Liang writes “Carefully choreographed movements should enhance the kinesthetic / acoustic / visual connection between the seemingly isolated sonic events.

Participants move the attributes and produce sounds making an acoustic and visual  kinesthetic connection between the sonic events of the bass clarinet.


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