creativity and art: the rules

When you need some creativity with a task or assignment use these rules. Just choose one.
I would like to have an app for this. Just enter something in a little screen and a random rule appears.

Go to CreativityGen for a random creativity generator.

Als je blijft steken en je hebt wat extra kreativiteit nodig voor een opdracht gebruik dan een van deze regels. Kies er een uit met de CreativityGen , de kreatieve regel machine.

In de CreativeGen staan meer regels dan hieronder genoemd staat.

  1.  go for a message.
  2. slow down.
  3. misunderstand the assignment.
  4. just scribble and doodle.
  5. continue at the other end.
  6. change, make art.
  7. ask for help.
  8. upside down.
  9. start again.
  10. simplicity, less is better.
  11. mirror.
  12. be very fast and quick.
  13. change colors.
  14. go to the bottom, fly low.
  15. change the rules.
  16. one fragment, piece.
  17. be very clear.
  18. add the unknown.
  19. just change into something different.
  20. use a grid.
  21. repeat, repeat, repeat.
  22. you are on the right track
  23. move, move, move.
  24. upside down.
  25. change the subject.
  26. add something.
  27. display, perform, mention.
  28. read something.
  29. use utensils.
  30. go round, circle.
  31. be clear, clear the place.
  32. change tools.
  33. pretend.
  34. change the mistake.
  35. delete.
  36. make coffee, tea.
  37. walk away.





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