open .docx in Fedora with docx2txt

Docx2txt is a command-line tool that converts .docx files to plain text. (It does not convert .doc files.)
(source of this text
Download the source from Sourceforge at Extract the archive:

to install perl, unzip and make.

sudo dnf update && sudo dnf install perl unzip make
daarna cd dox2txt-1.4

en sudo make

Docx2txt is now installed as For instance, to convert the file word-document.docx to a text file, you can run: word-document.docx textname.txt

If that does not work try this


go to /usr/local/bin and find
do chmod +1 (to change permissions)
do sh (to pass it to shell interpreter)

now go to .docx file and try to open with

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