How do I specify the location Tomboy is to use to store the notes.

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As I am not a member of askubuntu I am not permitted to vote for this one. This one works for me in Fedora. That is why I do copy this  solution of this problem:


Your Tomboy notes are stored in the directory ~/.local/share/tomboy/. You can change the default directory for your notes by following these instructions.

Open a terminal and then run these commands:

    1. sudo cp /etc/profile /etc/profile.bak

(backup the files)

  1. sudo nano /etc/profile
  2. Copy and paste this line at the end in the document just opened.
    export TOMBOY_PATH=/path/to/your/directory

    This will set up /path/to/your/directory for your Tomboy PATH. Change /path/to/your/directory to whichever directory you want to store your notes.

  3. Log out and log back in and now Tomboy will read the notes saved in that directory.

Do note that the notes already saved in the old directory will not be automatically imported into the new directory. You have to copy over to the new directory yourself.

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