After install Fedora

Fedora Logo

After new Fedora:

sudo dnf update

sudo dnf install musescore

email program Evolution, set accounts

(of Thunderbird)

sudo dnf install Keepassxc

sudo install tomboy

sudo install rednotebook

sudo install calibre

sudo install syncthing (connect to devices in LAN)(mkdir /Sync

change default search engine in Firefox (

sudo install nano

sudo dnf remove gnome-software

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.trackball scroll-wheel-emulation-button   Button 9

sudo install anki

sudo install gimp

import contacts email program

clock override extension Gnome ( %A %d %B %G %g %R

rednotebook & tomboy in /Sync.

bookmarks toolbar Firefox

sudo dnf install cowsay

sudo dnf install fortune-mod  (zie

sudo dnf install simple-scan

install docx2txt

install VLC
trackball mouse (desktop)






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