Moraal filosofie Te lezen als zijdelings  Commentaar op het boek over Moraal van  Philippa Foot.


About James Dawes’s Evil Men. (interview van Paul Bloom):  A related complaint is that philosophers and psychologists study, almost exclusively, interactions between strangers. But in the real world, moral questions often come up within families and other intimate relationships, and so we miss a lot of the complexities of actual morality, concerning obligations, promises, expectations and so on. It’s a shame that these sanitised cases with strangers have come to dominate our field.  (


(afbeelding:   Chinese symbool voor DE ,  deugd)

One thought on “Moraal filosofie

  1. Very difficult reading list yet there’s something encouraging (strangely) in returning the concept of ‘evil’ to our assessment of human behavior. Growing up in 60’s America it was the clergy from black churches who used the idea of evil to name racism for what it was.

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