Art and power and the National Museum of the American Indian

Art and power and the National Museum of the American Indian.
The museum does not show great works of art. It does not show art of native artists. The museum is an anthropological institution.
iaia-museum-of-contemporary-native-arts/museum-exhibitions/ is the website of a museum of arts.

Het Nat. museum van de Amerikaanse Indiaan is een antropologische instelling, geen museum voor de kunsten. Het IAIA (link zie boven) heeft wel eigentijdse kunst van ‘inheemse’ kunstenaars.

The two musea are not connected. When visiting the Washington museum I have a sad feeling. The natives are shown as interesting, and not as powerful part of the culture of the USA.

Merkwaardig dat beide musea geen verbinding hebben. Nu krijg ik bij een bezoek aan het Am.Indian museum in Washington DC een gevoel van teleurstelling. Het museum doet geen recht aan de positie van de amerikaanse inheemsen, zet ze neer als interessante bewoners van voorbije tijden.

The Museum as a Political Space

… we are forced to ask why museums like the MFA fail to include this sort of art ordinarily. “Monuments to Us” explores hefty themes, but the exhibit itself features 10 works of art and is located in a room next to the exit through the gift shop, meaning that viewers can easily walk through without stopping. In a museum as big as the MFA, that such a politically engaged show retains so little space is disconcerting, but that it exists at all is a source of optimism. By Che Applewhaite | June 27, 2018

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