De tafel is stuk; table repair , Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance …. robert m. pirsig

For example, there is the fragment of memory about a dining-room table whose edge veneer had come loose and which Phaedrus had
reglued. He held the veneer in place while the glue set by wrapping a whole ball of string around the table, round and round and round.

DeWeese saw the string and wondered what that was all about.

“That’s my latest sculpture,” Phaedrus had said. “Don’t you think it kind of builds?”

Instead of laughing, DeWeese looked at him with amazement, studied it for a long time and finally said, “Where did you learn all this?”
For a second Phaedrus thought he was continuing the joke, but he was serious.

– a. de tafel gaat met het touw naar een plaatselijke tentoonstelling en wordt aan een kunstliefhebber verkocht
(the table and the string are send to a local show and is sold to a lover of art)
– b. we halen het touw er weer af en genieten van de tafel.
(we remove the string and use the table)
– c. we maken een foto van touw en tafel en halen touw er weer af.
(take a photo and remove the string)


Is an idea of a sculpture a work of art?

Is a sculpture a work of art even if not intended to be a sculpture?

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