Using GNOME-Evolution

Gnome-evolution is an email and more program.
I want to give it a try and did install the programm.
The email part of Evolution is working as expected.
But on the main window is a little thing called to do

I want to use that to do list.
But nobody can tell me how to add an item to that list.
I tried the help file of Evolution.
In a help page is a picture of the main window.

Here is no todo list.
And no help page on that list.
So let us try to edit this little list.
Click right on a date.

A new window opens. But it is a window for new tasks. Maybe the new task will appear in the to do list? And I did click on a date but that date is not in this new window. In the left under corner of the main window is a task program button. That does the same trick.
The task is in the to do list and it is on the due date. (If you do not add a due date the task will not be in the to do in the main window. unless you did check the box in the to do pop up menu.

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