The Making of an Animated Gif (Image)

The making of an animated gif

The thing is called .gif because the .gif is the extension of the image file. (pinokkio.gif)


(Download gimp at It will make a guess of your OS opereating system, but you may change that.)

Open a picture with GIMP.

Our picture is pinokkio.jpg

For animated gifs you need two or more images. These images must be different. The animation will show every different image in a row.

We will now add something to the image in order to make a second different image.

First EXPORT your image AS with a different name ( I add a number to it so it will be pinokkio2.jpg)

Now make a change in pinokkio2.jpg (change color, remove a part, transform it)

Now pinokkio2.jpg is open in GIMP. You did change it. The nose is extended.

Open the first pinokkio.jpg as layers.

Now EXPORT AS and rename in that export process the image from pinokkio2.jpg to pinokkio2.gif.

Here GIMP asks if we would like it to Crop  the images. We do want that.

GIMP will pop up a screen/menu.

In that screen do select as animation

Now your animated gif is ready for use.

To see if the .gif is doing well, I do open Twitter and open the file in Twitter. It should work there. Now remove the image and change it or publish it.

To open a file in Twitter use this button.

Go on and make more animated gifs.

Comments and questions to my twitter.

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