Slow walking. Langzaam wandelen


Op Raasay heb ik gewandeld, langzaam gewandeld. Het is er een prachtig eiland voor. Het is stil, er wonen weinig mensen, er heerst een haast kloosterlijke rust.

When on Raasay I did some slow walking. Raasay is a beautiful Scottish island, it is silent and no crowds on the roads.

Langzaam wandelen is vooral veel aandacht hebben voor het pad en de omgeving. Raasay heeft prachtige vergezichten over de zee en de dalen en bergen. Zo nu en dan hoor je een vogel. En je hoort het tinkelen of bruisen van een stroompje of een waterval. En omdat het weer belangrijk is kijk ik ook vaak even naar de lucht, wolken in allerlei tinten grijs en wit.

slow walking is paying attention to the path and the verges of the road and the surroundings. Listen to the sounds of water en birds.

Omdat ik een verrekijker bij me heb sta ik vaak stil om de heuvels te bekijken. Er vliegt een golden eagle over.
To use my binoculars I have to stand still. I watch the hills for deer. Than a golden eagle flies above me. Crows are chasing the eagle away.

Langzaam wandelen gaat het best in m’ń eentje. Samen een wandeling maken is ook fijn maar langzaam wandelen is een individueel genoegen.
I prefer to do Slow walking on my own. Walking in company could be very pleasant, but slow walking is a solitary act

Foto s maken van kleine objekten langs het pad is een aangename manier om je aandacht te richten op je omgeving. Ook zonder kamera kun je dezelfde gerichte aandacht hebben voor je omgeving als wanneer je zoekt naar een onderwerp voor een foto.
I love to make photoś when walking. It channels my attention to the visible here and now. Even without a camera one could have this kind of attention. Use your eyess as if you are looking for a subject for photography.

De mensen die het pad onderhouden verdienen alle lof. Er zijn hier een daar stapstenen neergelegd en steile hellingen zijn soms voor zien van een stenen trappetje. Over kleine stroompjes ligt soms een grote platte steen.
Cheers for the people who maintain the path. Thanks for the stepping stones they provided for, the small bridges and “overstapjes”. (constructions to climb over fences and grates)

Bij Slow walking, langzaam wandelen, kuieren of wat rondzwerven gaat het niet om het bereiken van een bestemming, en al helemaal niet om de snelste te zijn.
Slow walking is about walking as such. Walking “an sich” . The destination is not the most important part of the journey

Genieten van het moment is wat de langzame wandelaar doet.
Slow walking is enjoying the moments.

Er is geen app nodig voor slow walking. En mocht iemand een app ontwikkelen voor langzaam wandelen dan is een stappenteller of een klok niet nodig.
No app for slow walking, no phone needed. And if somebody did make an app for slow walking it would neither count steps nor time.

Wandelen sommige ouderen langzaam omdat ze niet anders kunnen? Doen jongeren aan langzaam wandelen, slenteren?
Do elderly people do slow walking, just because they are slow and cannot make speed? Or do young people do slow walking?

Muziek en filosofie.


Volgens James Tartaglia is filosofie meer een kunst dan een wetenschap. In het tijdschrift voor performancephilosophy onderzoekt men onder andere de relatie tussen muziek en filosofie, namelijk in hoeverre muziek een filosofische uiting kan zijn. is een poging tot filosofische muziek of muzikale filosofie. Je kunt er naar luisteren. En kijken

Performance filosofie is iets anders dan filosoferen over muziek. Filosoferen over muziek zoals vragen naar de relatie tussen geluid en stilte en publiek of naar de betekenis van de visuele performance voor de muziek.
Performance filosofie uses artistic practices as such to find, think and demonstrate its thoughts.

Voor de filosofie is de performance belangrijk. Want filosofie groeit het best in een open gesprek, in uitwisseling. While no art-form is necessarily performative, any and all can be by adding one element to expressive movement: that is, vision. All that is required for any expressive bodily movement to be a performance is that artists come out of their room, their studio, their practice space, and move their bodies in a shared visual fabric.

Volgens Brian Morton, The Wire, Issue 311, January 2010 Is Lei Liang een belangrijke musical philosopher. .. The carefully won emptiness of his thought allows sound to flow and cohere in new directions and forms. East and West lose any slack associations.

Geluid verbeteren Fedora on Macbook adjust sound

If your problem is that you cannot hear any sound, or sound is at too low or too high a volume, you should try adjusting your mixer (volume control) settings. (preferences/sound).

Als het geluid te hard of te zacht is (of afwezig) kun je dat bijstellen in preferences / sound (voorkeuren / geluid ) Je vind voorkeuren in de rechterbovenhoek van het scherm.



zie ook/ more on

The mighty mouse (Apple) is not very mighty, the mouse works not without interuptions and  unexpected behaviour. So now I am using a non-cordless apple mouse  (Model A1115)

Apple bluetooth mouse and Fedora 25



Open Terminal and type bluetoothctl
There one can input help to get a list of available commands.
Turn the power to the controller on by entering power on It is off by default.
Enter devices to get the MAC Address of the device with which to pair.
Enter device discovery mode with scan on command if device is not yet on the list.
Turn the agent on with  agent on
After this things are changed: You will have to experiment a bit.
My guess is the bluetoothctl just goes on on its own here.

Enter  pair MAC Address to do the pairing (tab completion works). If using a device without a PIN, one may need to manually trust the device before it can reconnect successfully. Enter ‘trust MAC Address’ to do so.
Finally, useuse connect MAC_address   to establish a connection.

Your mouse needs full batteries and power on mouse must be on. Play with the mouse to keep it busy. Connecting could take some time.

Garden Eight Lei Liang (2)


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I just listened to a selection from  “Listening for Blossoms” (soundcloud)

What would it mean to listen to a painting? What is the relationship between landscape, memory, gesture, vision, and sound—and how can technology help us begin to answer this question? Lei Liang has been exploring these intersections in his musical compositions: Brush-Stroke, In Praise of Shadows, and Listening for Blossoms all enmesh Liang’s visual and perceptual experience with his own sonic world. (source

Garden is 園林 yuan2lin2 and eight is 八 ba1. The word for “eight” (八 bā sounds similar to the word which means “prosper” or “luck”

(image: pen jing or bonsai in Botanical Garden Washington DC)

About Garden Eight, Lei Liang (1)


Garden Eight is a piece by Lei Liang,composer.  He wrote a collection of  6 parts, 天 Tian, heaven, 地 Di, earth, 東 Dong,oost, 南 Nan,zuid, 西 Xi, west and 北 Bei, noord。 Lei Liang wants the parts to be gardens, visual worlds and worlds of other senses. Passing clouds, remote mountains, sound of ancient temple bells, transience of seasons.

These pieces are musical gardens. To perform one of them is to walk through a garden of sounds.

Chinese connect directions to elements and colors and notes.

direction color element note
east green wood jue 角
south red fire zhi 緻
west white metal shang2 商
north black water yu3 羽
centre yellow earth gong1 宮

(Fung Yu-lan, A History of Chinese Philosophy II. p.13)

天 (tian)means heaven and is in Chinese culture as loaded with different meanings as in christian cultures. It is above, nature, the sky, the place of the gods, etc.




Verveling en duur (boredom and duration, time) 3

This post is part of Verhoeven and Boredom (

Boredom and time
Man is bored in the established (Merleau-Ponty)
Perfection continued is boring and makes us aggressive. The duration of mobility is boring. The endlessness and continuity of duration is boring it causes an aggressive kind of haste motivated by the possibility of more speed. A long monotonous journey on the Autobahn or Interstate; a dull endless speech, with all possibilities to let your thoughts wander, but no possibility to do anything else, causes Langweile boredom verveling.

One is captured and prisoner of a squeezing terrorizing duration. The established is here to stay. We must do with it and it makes us think about a creative freedom or an urgent wish to escape to sleep or to fainting or to unconsciousness.
I was never tempted more to run away or to faint or to do something great or violent than when I had to listen on sunday mornings to a sweating and heavily breathing choir singing alleluias. I was searching for a spot to escape to. That was a kind of anti-boredom, a desperate drive for action, a claustrophobia of time, that makes boredom such a mess of different emotions. Because in some way this resistance against boredom is part of the phenomenon as we know it. Boredom is a laming and emptied haste haste without goal, aggression against duration. Duration calls boredom into existence.
Even the view of industrious and slow and dedicated labor makes us bored without an end as an act of fairness an antithetical supplement that is necessary. That kind of duration and labor needs a lot of boredom, and the thought that this working person is not conscious of the necessary boredom is unbearable. That is why we feel the boredom in his place. It is sustitute boredom.
In slowness duration is a claim on the available time. Time and duration relate as freedom and choice. Choice does limit freedom, duration limits time. Here also boredom is the impossibility to choose.

Next part about Boredom and freedom.