creativity and art: the rules

When you need some creativity with a task or assignment use these rules. Just choose one.
I would like to have an app for this. Just enter something in a little screen and a random rule appears.

Go to CreativityGen for a random creativity generator.

Als je blijft steken en je hebt wat extra kreativiteit nodig voor een opdracht gebruik dan een van deze regels. Kies er een uit met de CreativityGen , de kreatieve regel machine.

In de CreativeGen staan meer regels dan hieronder genoemd staat.

  1.  go for a message.
  2. slow down.
  3. misunderstand the assignment.
  4. just scribble and doodle.
  5. continue at the other end.
  6. change, make art.
  7. ask for help.
  8. upside down.
  9. start again.
  10. simplicity, less is better.
  11. mirror.
  12. be very fast and quick.
  13. change colors.
  14. go to the bottom, fly low.
  15. change the rules.
  16. one fragment, piece.
  17. be very clear.
  18. add the unknown.
  19. just change into something different.
  20. use a grid.
  21. repeat, repeat, repeat.
  22. you are on the right track
  23. move, move, move.
  24. upside down.
  25. change the subject.
  26. add something.
  27. display, perform, mention.
  28. read something.
  29. use utensils.
  30. go round, circle.
  31. be clear, clear the place.
  32. change tools.
  33. pretend.
  34. change the mistake.
  35. delete.
  36. make coffee, tea.
  37. walk away.




Calligraphy and music Garden8

This is the Chinese sign di, it means ground, earth. One of the six parts of Garden8 is called Di.
As you can see, the calligraphy shows not only black lines, but also a lot of white spots. In the music of Garden8 this interplay of black (sound) and white (silence) is important.
The black spots are connected to build the sign, but without the white spots we could not recognize the sign. Most music contains white spots, silence.

Stilte; Stillness and senza mesura  are posts about silence in music.

Chinese Garden

About a performance on Lei Liangs Garden8 part di (earth)

Water and rocks are important elements of a Chinese Garden. That is why I included he rainmaker stick and the little stones (pebbles)  in the sounds of the Chinese Garden.

The small bell represents the surroundings of the garden, the borrowing scenery . The windows of the village hall in Rassaay open a view on the sea, and mountains, the weather and the outside world.

The pieces of Garden8 are named after important elements (tian, heaven; di, earth; dong, East;  Nan, South;  xi, West  bei, North.) Meaning the garden is the all.

In the program notes for Garden8 Lei Liang writes “Carefully choreographed movements should enhance the kinesthetic / acoustic / visual connection between the seemingly isolated sonic events.

Participants move the attributes and produce sounds making an acoustic and visual  kinesthetic connection between the sonic events of the bass clarinet.

rainmaker stick;

Een rain stick is een muziekinstrument dat geruis voortbrengt. Op internet kun je vinden hoe je een rainstick maakt.

Making a rainmaker stick.

Je hebt een holle buis nodig en heel veel stokjes of spijkers of schroeven. Ik heb sate prikkers gebruikt.

I did use a cardboard tube and wooden skewers. Drill holes and use glue for the skewers. Do insert the skewers in one hole. One side of the skewers is not glued.

maak gaten in de buis (pvc, karton, stengel van bereklauw, kaktusstengel, bamboe) en lijm in ieder gat een stokje vast. Het stokje steekt in de buis tegen de wand, maar gaat slechts door een (1) wand van de buis. Het andere uiteind is dus niet vastgelijmd.

In de buis gaat rijst, erwten, steentjes of iets dergelijks. Maak de buis na het vullen niet direkt definitief dicht, zodat je eventueel de vulling kunt veranderen als de klank je niet bevalt.
Close one end og the tube. In the rainmaker add  rice, stones, beans or small items and try the sound. If you like the sound close the other end of the tube.

Er zijn veel stokjes nodig.






Om de webcam van de Macbook alu aan het werk te krijgen is firmware nodig. Eerst het Fedora build systeem installeren met: dnf install fedora-packager. Daarna sudo dnf install isight-firmware-tools-1.6-10.fc24. De webcam wordt bediend door Cheese.

To make the webcam of the Macbook Alu working you need firmware. First install Fedora Build System  dnf install fedora-packager. After that  sudo dnf install isight-firmware-tools-1.6-10.fc24. Open Cheese to use the webcam.


Over de Chinese tuin. Chinese garden philosophy

chun_lenteDe Chinese tuin is een afbeelding van de natuur. Bergen en wateren, bomen en gebouwen verbeelden de taoïstische wereld.

Er is een verband tussen de chinese tuin en muziek. In de tuin werd muziek gemaakt, gestudeerd, getuinierd, gevist en gediskussieerd.

Hiernaast staat het karakter chun, lente en liefde, vitaliteit. Chun is ook een naam.

Het karakter voor tuin staat hier onder.


In de tuin zie je gebouwen, water, rotsen en planten. En er is lucht en aarde. Daarmee zijn alle vijf elementen er aanwezig.

Fedora lost root password, wachtwoord kwijt?

Als je het root wachtwoord kwijt bent is er een manier om toch me su en sudo te werken als root.

toets sudi -i in in de terminal.
geef je wachtwoord en type “passwd”.
Je word gevraagd om een nieuw root wachtwoord. (2x)
met exit  stop je deze terminal-sessie.

Root password lost?

Type sudo -i in command line terminal.
Give your user account password by which you logged in to the system.
Now type “passwd”.
It will ask you for new root password.
Type new root password and then retype it.
Now type exit. (exit will end the root session)

This is a workaround. Your root password is not really changed, login as root with startup is still impossible. But su and sudo is possible with this password.

Change password for root:

Now do not forget to make a note of your root password. I do use KeepassX for passwords.

Keepassx on usb stick

Install on the stick. do not copy it to the stick.
Download the latest version of KeepassX (2.0.3) right to the usb stick
and install it there.

Fedora Workstation on Macbook 5.5

De Fedora website is helder en goed te volgen. Er is een app om een life USB te maken om Fedora te installeren.
Met die USB stick is installeren eenvoudig. (Ik ben benieuwd of Fedora wel op de Macbook werkt zonder ingewikkelde manipulaties.

En ja de eerste boot is bezig. Heel spannend dit wachten, maar er is beweging in het scherm. Ik zie nu een inlogscherm en inloggen gaat prima. Nu zien hoe het allemaal werkt.

Nu nog wifi aan het werk zien te krijgen. Gelukkig zag ik ergens de aanwijzing om te rebooten na deze reeks handelingen.



(ondertussen user toegevoegd aan sudoers group) met visudo

Fedora is the real solution, it is an easy to install os for Macbook 5.1 (alu). Works fine and no problems.




Install Debian on Macbook 5.1

The macbook 5.1  (the aluminium) is still running on OS X 10.6.8.
New upgrades from Apple are to big for the macbook. Now new software is asking for new OS X.  New Operating System could be an improvement.
Try to install Ubuntu, several times but install does not succeed well.
Some small Debian  .iso file can be burned on a CD. (My macbook cannot boot on USB any more, so I need a CD to install Debian)
Disk Utility on IMac burns .iso file to CD. Macbook must be connected to internet. (ethernet)
Start macbook with cd and hold alt key until cd starts moving.
Make notes of passwords, missing software, etc.
Debian wants root and user to be different and have different passwords. (Ubuntu is relaxed on that)
It takes some time  (half an hour or more) to install Debian. (some software is downloaded from Debian server).
While install is going on I do a search for software
1. what could replace nvAlt on Mac and Debian?
2. b43/ucode 16_mimo.fw is missing according to install process. How could I install that later on?
3. What browser does Debian come with.
4. email clients
5. Interesting wiki on debian.

This is a moment, install is now installing grub boot loader and finishing the installation. The cd is ejected and install wants me to quit macbook.
After boot some adjustments are done. “Loading please wait” (no signal of progress visible.  How long do we have to wait? Is Debian still running or is it dead? )

[ 1.8383831 i8042 No controller found
Loading, please wait….
/dev/sda2clean, 151006/9625600 files, 1596766/38483712 blocks

reboot (with power button) and choose recovery boot.( in grub)
last item before stop
[8.935835] ACPI Power Button [PWRF]

All solutions  do need command-line working. And that is the problem here.












Education for life, to be an adult.

In a weblog of a student I found this question:hotchoclate

Who teaches you to be an adult?
In a world of PISA– data about education and schools this is a real question. Do the PISA results matter very much to students and people?

An old definition of education: education is helping or guiding non-adults to become independent adults. Do school systems still apply that definition?

American colleges and universities have largely moved away from the goal of helping students address the full scope of these challenges, focusing primarily on their intellectual development.
[ ]

About Confucius view on Education: In educating we  do not communicate a cognitive content such as  scientific facts and mathematical theorems. Rather education is applied moral psychology. Its purpose is to give a population competence in conventionalized conduct. Education internalizes  behavior patterns. Education most resembles behavioral training character building. [a Daoist theory of Chinese Thought; Chad Hansen].