open .docx in Fedora with docx2txt

Docx2txt is a command-line tool that converts .docx files to plain text. (It does not convert .doc files.)
(source of this text
Download the source from Sourceforge at Extract the archive:

to install perl, unzip and make.

sudo dnf update && sudo dnf install perl unzip make
daarna cd dox2txt-1.4

en sudo make

Docx2txt is now installed as For instance, to convert the file word-document.docx to a text file, you can run: word-document.docx textname.txt

If that does not work try this


go to /usr/local/bin and find
do chmod +1 (to change permissions)
do sh (to pass it to shell interpreter)

now go to .docx file and try to open with

Bash commando’s

cp copy
rm remove file
pwd geeft weer waar je bent
man commandname — shows you the manual page for the command
rm -r “directoryname” remove directory and contents.
commandname –help geeft tekst over commando.

DNF = Yum zie
ls geeft lijst van inhoud map
exit -einde
shutdown -P now
(sudo) nano editor
mv betandsnaam [path-]bestandsnaam, hernoemen en verplaatsen.
du disk use

Move orange.doc to the Documents folder:
mv orange.doc ~/Documents/orange.doc
pwd geeft huidige map

Geluid verbeteren Fedora on Macbook adjust sound

If your problem is that you cannot hear any sound, or sound is at too low or too high a volume, you should try adjusting your mixer (volume control) settings. (preferences/sound).

Als het geluid te hard of te zacht is (of afwezig) kun je dat bijstellen in preferences / sound (voorkeuren / geluid ) Je vind voorkeuren in de rechterbovenhoek van het scherm.



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The mighty mouse (Apple) is not very mighty, the mouse works not without interuptions and  unexpected behaviour. So now I am using a non-cordless apple mouse  (Model A1115)