200px-Spinozaby Introduction and start of #introphil. Introduction to Philosophy (Univ of Edenburgh)

A new page for a new MOOC, with some oMOOC of Gordon Lockhart.

I do watch the introductory video’s with Dave Ward, the first question is What is philosophy? Wikipedia (.nl)  has a page on this question (here for  Wikipedia.en). Remarkable this difference in UK and NL philosophy. Question: Is it wise to start study groups when these groups are based on nationality or language?

Other question in a video: Is Philosophy Fundamental? by Dave Ward. What is the philosophy of cMOOCs? And what is the philosophy behind xMOOC?  And yes! the video ends with a quiz.

Portrait of Spinoza.

3 thoughts on “#introphil

  1. Hi Jaap – I’ve only looked at first 3 videos but will come back tomorrow to take serious notes – and for the ‘meaning of life’! I saw some comments re study groups based on nationality. I guess they can provide support for those whose English is not so good but yes there is a danger of language isolation.

  2. Jaap, I’d like to hear more about the difference between UK and NL approach to philosophy… then expand to other languages and cultures. It’s certainly something to keep in mind during discussions

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