Make your Avatar as an introduction in #clmooc

avatarI did submit this introduction activity for students in the #clmooc.

Everyone now has an opportunity to make an avatar. Making an avatar is a fun way of introduction for new students and teachers. And for participants in a Mooc.
I would like you all to make an avatar (please do a search on Internet to learn more about avatars and how to make them) You could paint, use textile or any material (and make a photo of it), or use a computer program.
You are encouraged to support and to help each other.
It will help us if you could write a text on the process of making and / or on the meaning of your avatar.
Make an avatar that can be used in the next months.
Publish your avatar in your blog, or Twitter or in a Facebook group on this MOOC.
And put your avatar in your contact info in Google+
Let us know when you are ready.
I do this avatar-make in new groups and classes and students really like it. And it helps them to get to know each other in the group. And I do learn their names very quick. 😉


Introduction, who am I? #etmooc

A life on Internet:

Writing for dutchinamerica The website for the Dutch living and working in the USA.

Blowing the bass clarinet.

fotoblog My 365 pictures a year photoblog. Never made it to add 365 pictures in a year, still trying. Started to publish photos around the year 2005 here. While looking for subjects for new photos makes one does see more of the world. I am aware of Privacy matters of persons when taking pictures. Gimp is the software I do use to enhance my pictures.

softskills Writing a website for teachers in vocational schools and colleges.. All about soft skills and ICT in vocational curricula. is the was a link to my (former)part of the websites of

Softskills: Skills, knowledge for being a human.

The subject is a cluster of all kinds of learning subjects for vocational colleges.


Writing a blog about teaching soft skills.

Softskills being one of my major subjects needs a lot of space.

I have been a teacher trainer for softskills.

I did some time work on teaching teachers about Wikiwijs, the Dutch national Open Content Platform.

This is history now. The platform does not need my attention any more.

Wikiwijs now is on

publimix Being an author of guide books for all kind of independent professions and entrepreneurs.

Just paper books.