Rhizomatic learning #etmooc

EefjeOn You’r the teacher we are discussing a tweet of Christoph Hewett.

In my opinion the question is whether etMOOC should be more student centered and for that purpose give different approaches for newbies and oldies.  (This is a very short resume, you should read the original discussion).

The rhizomatic view on learning, which is the / a philosophy behind the  cMOOC, does not  define and structure the definition of learning. All different kinds of learning and “levels” of learning do fit into a cMOOC.  (I hesitate to use ” levels” of learning, for what is the difference of the learning of a newbie and an oldie? It is not a level of learning.)

If some newbie is wrestling to make a Twitter account, that is learning. Should we help this newbie? Everywhere on internet she can find explanations of Twitter. The cMOOC is as wide as the internet. This newbie could even ask her friends in college to explain Twitter, or her big sister.  That is, the MOOC is a rhizome, without boundaries, and the MOOC-student may connect to anybody and anything to learn.

Frustration and anger are part of learning as the baby next to me shows. Sometimes she is red of frustration because her baby gym does not do what she wants.

The cMOOC has no page with learning goals, or a rubric or a clear purpose. So whatever one learns in a MOOC (or without a MOOC) is OK. Even if it is to make an account on Twitter.

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