Learning Walk

I did walk, with camera. (I often walk at lunchtime)
At first I did see a lot of things, people working, birds flying, but did not take pictures. I need some time to get started.
Than I took a picture of a butterfly hotel.

vlinder hotel
“Do butterflies use these hotels? ”
The first photo was the most difficult, because one has to make a decision to make a picture. You just have to start and look and ask questions and take pictures. Maybe you happen to know answers on my questions?

Than I did see again a birds feather. Took pictures of them.

“Why do all these feathers fall down? Why do birds loose them?

Came across a dump of old pipes and PVC, made a picture of that.

pvc pijpen
“What will they do with old PVC-pipes?”

Did some more pictures in this walk. But this is an example of my way of learning walking. I did slow down and did walk looking around and around. The learning walk makes me see more and think about what I see.