Garden 8; senza misura; free time

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The Compositions 1960 Compositions 1960  are a set of pieces written in 1960 by composer La Monte Young. These pieces are unique in the sense that Young heavily emphasizes performance art, through extra-musical actions such as releasing a butterfly into the room or pushing a piano against a wall.

This piece of music is free time music, without prescribed measures. Sensa misura.

The sound of Wind Chimes and some of  John Cage‘s  music are sensa misura too.

Fantasy on Japanse Woodprints is een sensa misura compositie van de wereldcomponist Alan Hovhaness uit 1965.

From senzamisura.blogspot:

“There are no solids. There are no things. There are only interfering and non-interfering patterns operative in pure principle, and principles are eternal.”
– Buckminster Fuller

Emptiness cannot only mean silence. The musical structures that composers use to build – canons, patterns, linguistic tropes, iterations, gestural articulations, and mappings – is that what we hear? What gives music a sense of meaning could be that dimension of which we cannot construct. As Lao Tzu famously said – “It is the emptiness of the cup that makes it useful”. So what is the emptiness of one’s music? Perhaps, what is left unsaid engenders its purpose? Using another metaphor, music can often be described as acoustic architecture. From this, we might contend that the sonic constructions that we build are tangible places, shapes, and forms. So then, in these “buildings”, what do you place inside? What function do you assign to the space that you provide? This question has been plaguing me the past year. We form, shape, and mold sounds onto a temporal axis – but it is often so meaningless in its experience and meaning(full)ness perhaps can only be found in contemplating its emptiness.

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Abstaining from twitter for a month now

I  did quit Twitter. Some weeks ago I send this image on twitter.


and this one followed. I felt like Alexandra Franzen:  Yet, in the midst of my tweetery, I often felt a nagging feeling inside. A voice asking, “Alex, is this really how you want to be spending your life-minutes? Isn’t there something else that might be a more meaningful use of your time? Wouldn’t you rather be walking outside, talking to your mom, writing a novel, having sex, working out, mailing a letter, volunteering, you know, all of those things that you ‘never have enough time’ to do?”


I did spend more time on twitter than I wanted to spend. Now I only read some twitter messages a day. And have more time to do all kind of nice things.

To avoid using twitter in those first days, I did lots of little repairs and most of the to-do-list. I finished my book and send it to the publishing house.  Abstaining from twitter did change my life. (I do not have a facebook account, so there I do not spend time)


Wind Chimes; Silence (Garden 8)

wind chimes
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This morning I woke up with the sound of wind chimes.
Wind chimes, I do not know a Dutch name for them.

Is the sound of wind chimes music? (no rhythm. no measures, no human player)
Or is it only sound?

In Chinese gardens you could listen to the wind chimes. I am told the chimes will chase off ghosts from houses and gardens.

In  I found this  stanza of a poem.

In my mind some silence could be part of the Chinese Garden. The garden as a means of  escape from the noise of daily life.

accept silence

Garden Eight Lei Liang (2)


[Read also part 1:

I just listened to a selection from  “Listening for Blossoms” (soundcloud)

What would it mean to listen to a painting? What is the relationship between landscape, memory, gesture, vision, and sound—and how can technology help us begin to answer this question? Lei Liang has been exploring these intersections in his musical compositions: Brush-Stroke, In Praise of Shadows, and Listening for Blossoms all enmesh Liang’s visual and perceptual experience with his own sonic world. (source

Garden is 園林 yuan2lin2 and eight is 八 ba1. The word for “eight” (八 bā sounds similar to the word which means “prosper” or “luck”

(image: pen jing or bonsai in Botanical Garden Washington DC)

About Garden Eight, Lei Liang (1)


Garden Eight is a piece by Lei Liang,composer.  He wrote a collection of  6 parts, 天 Tian, heaven, 地 Di, earth, 東 Dong,oost, 南 Nan,zuid, 西 Xi, west and 北 Bei, noord。 Lei Liang wants the parts to be gardens, visual worlds and worlds of other senses. Passing clouds, remote mountains, sound of ancient temple bells, transience of seasons.

These pieces are musical gardens. To perform one of them is to walk through a garden of sounds.

Chinese connect directions to elements and colors and notes.

direction color element note
east green wood jue 角
south red fire zhi 緻
west white metal shang2 商
north black water yu3 羽
centre yellow earth gong1 宮

(Fung Yu-lan, A History of Chinese Philosophy II. p.13)

天 (tian)means heaven and is in Chinese culture as loaded with different meanings as in christian cultures. It is above, nature, the sky, the place of the gods, etc.




Review of The Festival of Insignificance Kundera

220px-OmbelicoI did read the book la fête de l’insignifiance, Festival of insignificance of Milan Kundera in Dutch translation. Is the book about jokes, is it a collection of jokes? I did read and reread the book, because the at first glance simple stories are full of meaning.
The book is a collection of little interconnected stories with different protagonists.
Alain wonders how to explain why man or a historic period looks upon the navel as the center of feminine temptation.
D’Ardelo is healthy his doctor has said, but he tells Ramon he suffers an incurable cancer. He could not resist laughing thinking about that senseless lie. (is it a joke? He does not know.) “He, D’Ardelo, did not understand anything about the value of insignificance”, Ramon tells Charles.
Charles tells Caliban a joke about Stalin and Khrushchev. He wants to make that story into a string puppet play. “Kalinin is the only man whose name we will remember forever as a memorial to a suffering everybody knows; that hopeless struggle nobody has hurt except he himself.” 1922 Kalinin became head of state of the Sovjet-Union and as such an ally of and submissive to Stalin. Is this a political joke?
The navel is the connection of man to their mothers. From Eva all human people are connected through the navel. Kundera paints a huge tree of mankind connected with the umbilical cords of their mothers and their mothers to Eva.
A Good Mood is the most important in life. Hegel said real humor is impossible without unendliche Wohlgemutheit.
At the party in honour of D’Ardelo’s cancer Charles is watching a little feather that is gliding under the ceiling. In the end all guests are looking at the ceiling. What is the importance of a little feather?
The last part is called The festival of insignificance. We meet most characters at a play by Charles in the Jardin du Luxembourg including Stalin and Kalinin and the mother of Alain.

“Insignificance, my friend, is the essence of existence. It is everywhere and always with us. Even where nobody can see it. In horrible situations, bloody wars, terrible disasters. It needs courage to recognize insignificance in these dramatic circumstances and name it with its name. But we not only must recognize insignificance, we must love it. We must learn to love it. ”

Image: Wikipedia