Sensemaking in the MOOC #change11 Value

An answer to the question of jupidu “How are you making sense of the MOOC?” using the concept of Weick (German) of sense. Weick (Engl.)  is talking about organizations and I presume he wants to make sensemaking a tool for management.
One problem with “sense” is language, the translation is difficult. I will use the word ‘value’  for sense, because if we give sense we add value. This way we avoid meta-physical discussions.

In my view value/sense is to be found in the reasons why we do the things we do. According to Jung and Freud we do not (always) know why we act.
In a connectivist view value/sense could be found in the connections we make. When a MOOC is connected to nodes (with value)  in our network (of knowledge, information, people, things)  we feel value/sense in the MOOC.

If we change the seven features of Weick:

1. Somehow we add value to things we recognize as valuable. In our history we learned to recognize valuable things. So the values we are adding is part of our identity and depends on our identity.

2. As adding value is a (learning) process, somewhere retrospection or reflection is involved.

3. Our world will change when we add value to some parts of it. These parts will become more important. “.. You know what they say. Once you start looking for something you had not noticed before, you start to see it everywhere. Like when I became pregnant with my first child, I saw pregnant women everywhere where before they didn’t even show as a blip on my radar screen. ..” (Nancy White)

4. Adding value is social. Of course other people do influence our valuing, but in the end we value ourselves.  This is what a good therapist will tell you. Newspapers, public relations officers, advertising agencies, and teachers and parents try to influence your value-adding, but you are the one at the buttons.

5. Adding value is a continuing story. Some value is lost, some value is found again. Sometimes unexpected things will become valuable, just because we did give them a try. Giving things a try could add value.

6. We add value using experience and  trusted landmarks, because that seems to be safe. But history is no guarantee for future.

7. Adding value is no arithmetic. Discussing our values and rethinking is essential. For me a basic value is: the good life. (Wilhelm Schmidt)

Who is to blame for the choice of the  image?: Jacob Needleman “Money and the Meaning of Life

5 thoughts on “Sensemaking in the MOOC #change11 Value

  1. Interesting 🙂 yes, Weick is using his theory for companies but I want to use it for learning. Words are important for me and I like the sound of “sensemaking” – and that’s what I’m doing in the Mooc …
    Bye, jupidu (she)

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