Sun flowers, a story #change11

 ‘Esse est percipi’ (Berkeley, Treatise concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge, 1790, : § 3) ‘to be is to be perceived’. We do make sense of the world that we perceive (connect to).

Van Gogh painted sun flowers. He changed our connections 1 with sun flowers. After van Gogh sun flowers are not the same.
Sumire Nukina wrote a composition ‘Zonnebloem 1’ (Sun flower 1) for bass clarinet.  And I cannot but connect this to Van Gogh because my teacher did ask “Would a connection exist between van Gogh and this music?”
When I play this piece of music these connections and a load of other connections 2 do influence the sound. Playing this music changes my perception of sun flowers because of the story 3  which is in the connections.

Sumire Nukina did make her music on a (not named) painting of Mondrian of sun flowers.
or this one
Mondrian painted the sun flowers in 1907 1908. He knew van Gogh.

Connectivism is not only about knowledge. Knowledge (information) is always connected to stories with feelings, value, sense making. Do you think knowledge exists without a ‘knower’? Berkeley meant this connectedness of knowledge and ‘knower’ when he said ‘Esse est percipi’. (van Peursen, Verhaal en werkelijkheid : een deiktische ontologie, 1992) 4

The story is a way of sense making, and of connecting knowledge and meaning and sense and emotions and value. An example: Critical Thinking (CT) is on almost all curricula as an unconnected, stand-alone subject. CT without a story is sophism and empty smartness. CT has to be connected to a story to make sense of it and to use it in a sensible way. 5
He, Clive Thompson, in a November 2011 Wired article, goes on to say that internet search engines present a “golden opportunity to train kids in critical thinking.” In order to sort through hundreds of search results, students must evaluate information, consider credibility, and ask crucial questions about context and meaning. According to Thompson, these kinds of critical thinking skills are being ignored in favor of preparation for standardized tests. Andrew Neuendorf

1) meaning, sense, knowledge, attraction.
2) The network ‘Sun Flowers’ is much greater than the things I did mention here: Eating sun flower seeds in a Chinese tea garden, Fields with sun flowers in France, sun flower oil, sun flowers growing in the garden and dead sun flowers in autumn.
3) story = a metaphor to indicate a network of meaning, sense, opinion, facts, value, words, images, attraction, etc.
4) tr. Story and Reality. A Deictic Ontology
5) Facebook: Scott Johnson, Can’t resist posting this site: Full of insights into being so critical as to be blind to understanding the depth of human experience. Check out the discussion section at the end too.
Image van Gogh:

10 thoughts on “Sun flowers, a story #change11

  1. Jaap, whaT can we do if our troughts are the same for a weekend..

  2. Serendipity … yet another unexpected connection. I keep (curate, collect, whatever) sunflower pages. It started as a static webpage, my first non-academic one, made for a local event, continued as activity and to annoy organizers (another story). This will go on the iteration (along with sunflower oddities, recipes, histories, festivals, jewelry, art, literature, music, design, agriculture, biofuel, etc) and now philosophic / pedagogic sunflowers

    Sunflowers, “celebrating sunflowers in all forms and any manifestation, real or imagined”

  3. Vanessa What an amazing story of sun flowers. Festivals and hats, unbelievable. In our village school children sometimes get sunflower seed and try to grow the biggest sun flower in the village. The scoop it is full of beautiful flowers, best scoop it I ever saw.
    (the music Sumire Nukina ‘Zonnebloem 1′ (Sun flower 1) for bass clarinet is a bit sad. In my imagination it is the end of life of a sun flower)

  4. Jaap, thank you for the compliment. Maybe this an example of a Pooh (or Zorba’s Stone) “learning artifact” (a term I still find odd) or expression of that kind of outcome/goal/whatever. I have a dead sunflower picture on Sunflower Poetry (static page) to go with a Ginsberg poem. Grateful Dead posters and William Blake too. Now I am looking for a link to Sumire Nukina ‘Zonnebloem 1′ …

    I think exploration based curation project using any of a number of applications (preferably ones that allow curators to write more than just tags) would make a fine (and fun) individual or group student research project

  5. Wonderful! Thank you so much, Oh the joys and riches of collaboration…

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