Individual and network or rhizome #change11


Drawing an image as reflection and contemplation on the subject. (inspired by Geetha Narayanan Slow Learning). Trying to close a gap between connectivist learning and individual learning. The creative impulse behind art is for me the most fundamentally human intellectual activity. I art therefore I am.

This image is of a rhizome, the rhizome connects some ‘branches’.
The red figure is the rhizome inside a person.
This red figure is called ME.
In the red figure is a yellow spot S, S for subject. The person is chewing on a subject, is thinking of a subject, is concerned by the subject.
The yellow spot is connected to other subjects (S1) This person is busy, with more than one subject to take care of.
The subjects are connected.
The yellow spot is connected to personal knowledge, to actively searching for knowledge, and to ‘Finds’.
The Finds (serendipity) are these ideas, dreams, visions, flashes of wit, thoughts which come to mind when we are not expecting them.
The search is an active process. The person connects to information in the environment with questions.
In the environment we see some green spots. The environment is sources, persons, a MOOC, and more.
Most connections are black = the information connections, some are green = the personal connections.
For the Me it is important to connect to other persons for psychological and other reasons.

In a person, thinking and thoughts are connected in unknown ways. Our brain connects information by association.
When we are involved in learning, our mind goes on on the subject when we ourselves are involved in other subjects. (When I did leave the study for shopping or for coffee it could happen that some new idea on the subject is presenting itself) Thinking sideways, maybe even the thinking of the unconscious?
In the drawing time is missing. (But no one learns new habits in one day!) The personal history of the ME is relevant. Connection do change in time in activity and intensity. Personal emotions and physical changes do influence learning. Retrospective reflection is part of learning.

The person is active in a search for an image, for words. Activities are interrupted, disturbed.

I do prefer the biological metaphor of the rhizome. The mechanical metaphor of a network sometimes makes knowledge understandable, but the rhizome is more fruitful for me.
A rhizome is growing, like knowledge is growing.

5 thoughts on “Individual and network or rhizome #change11

  1. In art that is “public” like cave painting or building cathedrals there’s something curious happening between the individual as artist and the group, as society. We have created a myth of the “great artist” as the supreme inspired individual but it seems at times that inspiration flows outward to include the many who will enable the expression of that cave art or cathedral. Are there times, environments, social conditions when the rhizome might converge to celebrate itself?

    Dryadart’s suggests this:

    >the evidence points to the fact that at this moment in time, for what ever reason, humanity valued art so highly as to devote life changing amounts of capital to this activity.<

    Maybe MOOCs are an expression of our need to act collectively? To share the wonder of our individuality. Be bigger than ourselves? Could be this phenomenon appears to occur over periods of time and with periods of time in between because big ideas like this need time to not only gestate but to attract support.

    Thanks for the connection.

  2. Hi Scott, have to think about your intriguing questions and remarks some time … philosophy of art and of culture. Someone in a MOOC mentioned “the art of teaching”.
    The cave painter was he an artist, a priest, a journalist or a teacher?

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